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An ever growing collection of exercises that you can reference from my videos or use if you want to know exactly why I choose a movement

Adductor Barbell Kick Out Addutor Foam Roll Adductor Landmine Apple Picker Backstep Lunge Band Row o

Banded Butterly Opener Banded Hip Rollover Banded Pigeon Banded Row Step Back Barbell Calf Row Barbell Fulcrum Bent Leg Barbell Fulcrum Straight Leg Barbell Rollout Three Position Barbell Rollout Barbell Split Reach Bridge Reach Over Childs Pose Lat Variation Cobra Deceleration Step Deadlift

Deceleration Step Deadlift

Figure Four LAX (Lacrosse Ball) Figure Four Roll Foam Roll Fulcrum Front Rack Hold Front Rack Single Kettle Bell Step Up Gut Smash

Gut Smash

Hamstring Barbell Kick Out High Hip Kick Out High Hip Rollover High Plank Low Plank High Rig Hamstring Hip Capsule Space Maker Hip Scissor Hollow Back and Forth Kneeling Couch Stretch High Arm Kneeling Single Arm Overhead Press Lat Roll Lateral Lunge Step Cossack Lateral Med Ball Fulcrum LAX Ball Calf Hamstring LAX Ball Floor Skate LAX Ball Pec Opener LAX Ball QL (Quadratus Lumborum)Kickout Lunge Single Dumbbell Lunge Step Sand Bag One Leg One Arm Plank Overhead Box Squat Plantar LAX Ball Pronated Hang Push Up Dumbbell Row Quad Foam Roll Ring Row Seated Figure Four Seated LAX Plate Kickout Seated Quad Plate Kick Out Seated Straddle Side Plank Back Row Single Arm Med Ball Banded Fulcrum

Single Arm Med Ball Banded Fulcrm

Single Arm RDL (Romanian Deadlift) Contralateral

Single Arm Romanian Deadlift Contralateral

Single Leg Box Squat Single Leg Contralateral Band Row Single Leg Contralateral RDL Single Leg Hamstring Single Overhead Ketlle Bell Box Step Snatch Grip Row Spiderman Split Stance Around The World Split Stance High Row Split Stance Low Row Split Stance Sandbag Rotation Inside Split Stance Sandbag Rotation Split Stance Single Row Squat Band Twist Squat Hold Squat Single Arm V Raise Squat Single Band Row Standing Straddle Sumo Good Morning Reach

Sumo Good Morning Reach

Supinated Hang Supine Contralateral Squeeze

Supine Contralateral Squeeze

Supine Crossbody Band Extension Roll Across

Supine Crossbody Band Extension Roll Across

Supine Rotated Figure Four Supine Wide Band Bridge Reach Across

Supine Wide Band Bridge Across

Wall Couch Stretch High Arm

Wall Couch Stretch High Arm

Wall Hip Flexor Raise


X Man Walk High Arms


Movement Routines

1. Hip Impingement CNS

1. Hip Impingement CNS

2. Tennis Elbow/Glolfers Elbow

2.Tennis Elbow GOlfers elbow CNS

3. Plantar Fasciitis

3. Plantar Fasciitis CNS

4. Ankle Impingement Program

4. Ankle Impingement Program

5. Lower Back Pain CNS

5. Lower Back Pain CNS

6. Neck Pain and Computer Text Neck

6. Neck Pain Computer Text Neck

7. Carpal Tunnel CNS

7. Carpal Tunnel CNS

8. Groin Pain

8. Groin Pain CNS