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I mean could you imagine

48 years old right now and i couldn’t do

a push-up without causing an incredible

amount of pain i couldn’t stay down here

my shoulders would be on fire i would do

anything like this

and it would kill

me and yet now

my shoulders

feel so good so i’m going to show you

how to fix that right now right now the

first thing you need to do is free up a

lot of that tissue because if i have you

doing drills or exercises or anything

strengthening and the tissue has no

freedom to move through its normal range

of motion you’re just training your

brain to operate in a really restricted

environment and you’re just going to

reinforce the problems and train your

brain to think that moving all funky and

tight like that is normal so i’m going

to show you how to do that first so the

first thing you do is hands together

like this

what you want to do is get your elbows

just off the edge of the box hands are

folded together like you’re going to

pray as i’m actually pushing out as hard

as i can and then i’m pushing my torso

down through

the shoulders to allow my my arms and my

shoulders to get into that overhead

position really important with this one

that your arms are out like this like

you’re going to bump a volleyball but

you wouldn’t have your hands like this

but this is the position you want to be

a lot of people are missing internal

rotation of the shoulder so the

shoulders dump forward in an effort to

get that range of motion back there’s a

really easy way to get that back start


so you’re going to lay back

take your hands fold them over top of

each other doesn’t matter which one’s

over top of the other put them on the

small your back elbows should touch the

ground i’m raising my hips and then i’m

just going to let gravity do the work

and i’m going to allow myself

to sink into that position so i’m going

to show you what i don’t want you to do

which is turning when you’re doing these

so it’s called a plank tie so i don’t

care where your feet are so much as i

care where your shoulders are your

shoulders are stacked above your hands

and you’re trying to twist the floor

apart when you do that all i’m going to

do is

touch here

and touch here this is

the movement

that’s it so just touch



touch now you remember from a video

before i did scout push-ups same

position now if you can’t do these by

the way you can do them against a wall

and you’re just squeezing shoulder


pressing them apart you’re working that

serratus anterior that’s oh god it’s so

neglected if you can’t do these with

your arms fully extended

get down on your elbows

and do the same thing

all you want to do

is go through full range of motion

with the shoulder blade i used to have

such bad shoulders they would kill when

i would bench press and do pull-ups

nothing anymore they’re indestructible

this is the position you want to be in

side plank you’re going to feel this in

your shoulder more than you feel it in

your side make sure you’re pushing away

on the floor all right the next one

floor v this is the same thing i do up

on the wall just an easier version on

the floor so arm’s externally rotated

you’re going to press up in a v

keep your hands karate chop hands so

you’re not pressing straight up overhead

because you might not be ready for that

yet so you’re in a v

now your goal is to bring the elbows

as close to your hips as possible

just make sure that you really feel it

this might pinch a bit

good that means they’re weak you need

some work

you’re going to stand about two feet

away from the wall one and a half to two

feet away from the wall

you want to be in this position right

here i’m gonna have my forearms parallel

to the floor i’m trying to push myself

away from the wall by squeezing my

elbows together this is going to be a

lot harder than you think

right there that’s it that’s i’m only

moving a little bit and then back down

you’re going to find one side

much stronger than the other all right

listen I’m Trevor SmashweRx bringing

you all the good stuff it’s for free

i’ll talk to you guys later peace

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