12/15/2017 SmashweRx RAW with Donnie Thompson

Donnie started competitive Powerlifting in 1998 and
has not turned back. Donnie is the first human to ever
total 3000 lbs.! Donnie earned 8-all time World
Records in Professional Powerlifting including; 3 Bench
Press records, 2 Squat records and 3 Total records!
His 3000 lb. Powerlifting total stood until August
of 2013.

12/12/2017 SmashweRx RAW with Dave Palumbo of RX Muscle

This episode is pure knowledge bombs and fire, I had the opportunity to hit a campfire chat with bodybuilding and training legend Dave Palumbo and it was a no holds barred rap session spitting pure truth about
-going from being a distance runner to a 315 lbs gorilla on stage
-studying the science of PED’s, supplements and how to eat
-Misuse of PEDs and why they aren’t working for you
-the origin of the ultimate supplement company “Species Nutrition”
-Longevity game after 40
-are peptides really legit or just smoke and mirrors?
GH for injuries and longevity
Crossfit and PED’s

12/5/2017 Tennis Elbow Much?

How about some tennis elbow just to see what it’s like? Yeah, didn’t think so. You’re entire grip fails when the Extensor group is compromised.
Which means even using a spoon feels you’re like getting acupuncture with a garden trowel.

Go through this:
✅ Holding a bottled water means some Tylenol in your future?
✅ You’ve used Bengay, Icy Hot and Preparation H on your forearm?
✅ Your answer to everything is ‘it hurts, I can’t.’