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VlogweRx Episode #12 Genah Fabian hails from Auckland, New Zealand, and has an extensive history in athletics and combat sports. From the ages of 6-20 she competed in track and field (100m, 200m and triple jump), achieving national titles and records representing NZ internationally in the Junior Olympics and Pan Pacific Games. From ages 22-24 she competed in club and national rowing competitions while working full time in print and online media for News Corp. Genah began training in Muay Thai at the age of 23; recognizing that her natural athletic abilities, strong work ethic and discipline developed through years of rigorous training and competition could be carried over to the sport, she began competing in 2014 and has since accumulated a Muay Thai record of 6-2 and pro MMA record of 1-0.

VlogweRx Episode #11 with the incredibly stunning and fit Jackie Perez. Growing up, Jackie got involved with as many sports as she could. She has been competing in the CrossFit Games since 2010 and has acquired several coaching and training certifications.She earned a BS in Kinesiology at Cal-State where she also played a lot of volleyball. She competes in CrossFit and has been coaching for the past several years. Jackie is a member of AdventureFit Travel which combines her love of CrossFit with her love of travel and experiencing other cultures.This 5’4” dynamo is able to deadlift 265-pounds and has completed a personal best of 44 pull-ups. Follow her on Instagram @jackie585

January 2nd, 2018
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January 2nd, 2018
Happy New Year!!!! VlogweRx Episode #10 is here with Jessica Fitzgibbons. A fun and quick biohack session with Trevor at Combat Sports Academy. Follow Jessica on instagram @jackedjessica. Jessica has been involved in the Martial Arts for over 15 years having studied Escrima, Krav Maga, Boxing and Muaythai. Jessica is a certified Krav Maga Instructor with the Krav Maga Alliance, certified Boxing Coach with USA Boxing and is undefeated as a Muaythai Fighter. Jessica is Competitive CrossFitter who has competed as a Regional Athlete from 2011-2015. Jessica took 1st Place in CrossFit Football’s Nationwide “Occupy Strength” Competition who became the 1st and Only Female Athlete to win both the Powerlifting and CrossFit Competition Portions of the event. In January 2015, Jessica Won the coveted NorCal Masters Crossfit Competion and in April 2015 she qualified for The 2015 Reebok Crossfit Games in the Masters Division.

Dec 24th, 2017
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Dec 22nd, 2017
Coming Soon! SmashweRx RAW Trevor sits down with Big Boy from the Strength Cartel.  No questions are off limits.

Dec 22nd, 2017
VlogweRx Episode #9 Biohacking Amber Leibrock

Dec 21st, 2017
VlogweRx Episode #8 Biohacking the Soul Assassin

Dec 20th, 2017
VlogweRx Episode #7 Inflicting pain and Biohacking the Shoulder

Dec 18th, 2017
VlogweRx Episode #6 Trevor runs the gauntlet while getting the mail. 

Dec 15th, 2017
VlogweRx Episode #5 Part 2 continues with Genah Fabian Muay Thai Kickboxer and MMA competitor.

Dec 14th, 2017
Tonight on VlogweRx Episode #5 with Genah Fabian Muay Thai Kickboxer and MMA competitor.

Genah on her Fight Life:
I had no aspirations to ever be a fighter, I never even thought about it but it was just on a trip to Thailand I tried Muay Thai for the first time just for fun and fitness. I immersed myself in it and gradually as time went on I fell in love with it and then started to pursue it as a career. I thought 'Oh you know, I could be really good at this if I work really hard and keep going'.

So I trained Muay Thai for a year straight but quite intensively, like it wasn't here and there - I was training every day again just for fitness and then my trainer at the time asked me on 3 days notice if I wanted to fight. This was in Thailand so it's full rules - it's elbows, there's no shin guards or headgear or anything like that - so I said "You think I can do it?" and he's like "Yeah, sure why not!" you know the Thais they think everyone can fight (laughs) and I was like "You sure?" and he's like Yeah! So I was like OK! and yeah, thats how my first fight went down on 3 days notice!

Dec 4th, 2017

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