Deep aching shoulders aren’t normal, the end.

Time to step up your shoulder game because that pain that’s keeping you awake at night, isn’t normal.

The number of athletes, moms, dads, entrepreneurs, CrossFitters, etc I have seen who have had shoulder surgery is appalling. In my clinic alone, over the last 12 years I’ve seen more patients with shoulder issues post surgery than anything else. And you know what? For the most part, the surgery is avoidable (notice I said for the most part).

Why does it happen? I see so many humans overuse their shoulders as they play game after game, do muscle up after muscle up, throw punch after punch or even sit at a computer desk day in and day out. At the same time, they drop the ball when it comes to ‘where’ to focus on how to improve shoulder strength and flexibility to prevent injury.

The rotator cuff is basically designed to hold your shoulder together and maintain movement integrity. The issue arises when four things happen:
1. Complete loss of external rotation flexibility.
2. Weakness in the #infraspinatus, #supraspinatus and #teres minor.
3. Loss of rotational stability during variability.
4. Loss of thoracic spine rotation.
The good news is that all of that is fixable and that searing pain you have every day, yeah, you can kick it to the curb with some patience and effort.

To keep your shoulders safe, you have to focus on how to improve shoulder strength and flexibility. Here are four movements to clean up your shoulder issues. Do these three times each week, and you will notice less pain in your shoulders.

1️⃣ PVC Box External Rotation Drill
2️⃣ Thoracic Spine Opener
3️⃣ Internal External High Low Drill
4️⃣ Prone Single Arm Floor Sweep

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