Beach Body For Life


What you will get

  • The 14 Day Rapid Start Lean Body Blueprint – 14 days of workouts
  • 10 Second Nutrition Course
  • The V Taper Specialization Program- Chiseled Round Shoulders and Razor Sharp ABS
  • The 100 Day Plan For MAXIMUM MUSCLE GAINS (Secrets We Never Shared Before)
  • 100 days of Spartan Mind daily email coaching
  • Burn Fat 5x Faster PDF
  • Candy, Cookies and Ice Cream (Eat, CHEAT, and Get Ripped)
  • Stacked and Jacked Build A Muscular Back In 8 Weeks
  • The 7 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Ripped (Yep, We Fix That)
  • Total Abs (Your 6 Pack In 3 Moves)