2019 CLASS DATES are now being scheduled. Classes will be held in Las Vegas throughout the year. Once registered you will be contacted directly with dates and locations of upcoming classes.

When you purchase the Body Hacks® Affiliate. You will be registered for our two day live hands on seminar. This 2 day intensive class will include lunch and refreshments. At the live class you will receive a package containing the Body Hacks Textbook filled with all the protocols and assessments that will be discussed, demonstrated and practiced during the two day intensive class. You will learn detailed anatomy, how to effectively and efficiently assess and distinguish between when you will act on or refer an injury. You will learn complete protocols for every body part, including how to deal with muscle injuries, ligament injuries, poor positioning and overuse injuries.

After you are an affiliate you will have exclusive access to online resources that show you every single movement, protocol and exercise needed for you to be effective in what you do. Marketing materials and social medial campaigns will be sent to you throughout the time you are an affiliate.

With our Body Hacks® Affiliate, you do not need to be part of a gym or studio. You are independent and control your own hours and work at the pace you want.