SmashweRx 1.0 Certification



What if you could predict an injury BEFORE it happens, and correct the issue so it never happens?
The quality of your movement determines the quality of your life, so by increasing your ability to navigate your gravity environment across all sports, all activities and all variables, you virtually eliminate injury. Imagine a blueprint of how your human moves, an operating system that will always maintain consistency and intervene before something critical happens, or act to repair an injury if it does happen. Imagine being able to become a stronger, more durable human, this is SmashweRx Systems.
Learn how to see human movement differently, more detailed, correctly, learn the ability to reprogram a human’s neuromechanical system to repair and avoid injury.
You will learn how to:
• Assess human movement
• Predict injury
• Intervene and prevent injury
• Rehab your human faster and more effectively.
• Increase training effectiveness
• Bulletproof your human for life
• Apply these principles to every movement in our environment
• Turn Long rehab protocols into fast track repairs to get back in the game
The SmashweRx 1.0 gives you the blueprint to change human movement, forever.