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2/1/2018 SmashweRx Raw with Ken Shamrock

By February 1, 2018No Comments

The big dog that put UFC on the map, dubbed ‘the worlds most dangerous man’ Ken Shamrock himself on the SmashweRx Raw podcast. This guy drops some serious knowledge bombs about mindset, training, what it’s like to be a fighter from the get.
We hit so much information this could’ve been a three hour podcast, I fucking love this guy!
• How his childhood brought him a massive education by 10 years old
• The Shamrock Ranch
• Recognizing people as individuals
• How he trained for UFC
• His WWF/WWE throw downs
• The Gracie battles
• UFC then vs now
• And why metal detectors are useless
• And so much more!
Give this a listen, and if you liked it, pass it on and smash that like button! Thank you so much for listening, you guys are amazing!