JANUARY 31st, 2019

Hey Smashers, if you need to look up your account information.  Go to the login page and after you login, use the menu bar on the right side of the page.  Look at my subscriptions or my membership to make any changes.  Have a great week.  Trev

JANUARY 31st, 2019

New Videos Uploaded for Members under the Newest Videos Section.  We finally received our new shipment of SmashweRx shirts.  Athletic fit and Tri Blend material.  Once we unload the boxes, you will be able to find the shirts in our store.

JANUARY 28th, 2019

Deep aching shoulders aren’t normal, the end.

Time to step up your shoulder game because that pain that’s keeping you awake at night, isn’t normal.

The number of athletes, moms, dads, entrepreneurs, CrossFitters, etc I have seen who have had shoulder surgery is appalling. In my clinic alone, over the last 12 years I’ve seen more patients with shoulder issues post surgery than anything else. And you know what? For the most part, the surgery is avoidable (notice I said for the most part).

Why does it happen? I see so many humans overuse their shoulders as they play game after game, do muscle up after muscle up, throw punch after punch or even sit at a computer desk day in and day out. At the same time, they drop the ball when it comes to ‘where’ to focus on how to improve shoulder strength and flexibility to prevent injury.

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JANUARY 21st, 2019

If you’re having low back or knee issues, run down the chain and check those ankles.

The foot has 26 bones and they are designed to adapt to variability caused by movement, load and gravity.

If that system is corrupt, the load transfer rides up the chain and overloads the joints and tissues above, causing pain.

So many times in my clinic, I’ve seen massive changes in function after clearing out the foot and ankle.

Here is a great series that takes less than 10 minutes.

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JANUARY 11th, 2019

Hey you!

How about a quick little hack to fix those unstable shoulders?

Shoulder stability is one of the biggest predictors of future shoulder surgery, degeneration and rotator cuff problems.

So let’s clean up those shoulders.


JANUARY 3rd, 2019

Happy New Year Smashers!!! Posting an exclusive video for you guys today.  How to fix Crooked Shoulders. 


DECEMBER 10th, 2018

Amazing questions coming my way in the last few months.  My team sends me every single one of your questions from email, Facebook and i answer each one personally.  Big thanks to my supporters in China and SE Asia for also sending great questions. Be patient as i do my best to answer every question.  For my international supporters my responses may be delayed as i need to get translations for many of the emails sent to me.  Happy Holidays.  Trev


NOVEMBER 28th, 2018



Hey guys, lots of questions come to SmashweRx.  We are going to post questions and a video that addresses those questions.

This question comes from Adam W. "Can you make a video on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome? I realize that it’s a general term that can mean many different musculo-skeletal issues. I haven’t been able to lift weights in a long time. I suffer from chronic neck, shoulder, upper back, and chest pain.  I have heavy hands and arms at times. Sometimes numbness or tingling in the hands, fingers and other parts of the arm. I also deal with headaches and vertigo."


SEPTEMBER 26th, 2018

Another great Body Hacks Affiliate class in Shanghai.  Thank you to all my supporters at FIBO China 2018.  It was amazing to see everyone.  Check out our newest Body Hack Video of Amber Leibrock. 

To see the full video click on this link

JULY 12th, 2018

Congratulations to all our new Body Hacks affiliates.  To all our prospective affiliates that want to do what i do.  I will be updating my Body Hacks Affiliate Program with even more material, more videos, additional manuals.  Get ready for the launch it.  This program will be everything you need to know to do what i do.  Keep watching here for the upcoming announcement on when we will be taking a new class. 

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